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Guitar tuition
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Guitar Tuition (Lead, rhythm and bass) @ Redrock

Electric guitar (rhythm and lead) and bass guitar tuition is given by Lyn Price, a guitarist with some twenty years plus experience of performing live music across the UK.

Specialising in 'heavy metal' / 'hard rock' / 'punk rock' styles, Lyn's guitar playing has been noted by international rock magazines such as 'Kerrang' and 'Metal Hammer' where he was favourably compared to the likes of Kirk Hammet / James Hetfield of 'Metallica' and Dave Murray / Adrian Smith of 'Iron Maiden'.

Lyn particularly welcomes beginner or intermediary guitar players. All guitar lessons are on a 'one-to-one' basis, and given at Redrock studios.

Guitar tuition

  • Mon. - Sun. Hours negotiable: £10.00 per hour

Studio: (01443) 879 222 or Mobile: 0781 789 4483